Universal Soft Roof Racks Car Top Luggage Carrier Kayak Surfboard Canoe 2PCS



Strap down your soft roof rack then load your surfboards up on top. Get to the beach with your surf boards intact and your car in pristine condition. Go for a surf then do the journey in reverse.

Open your doors and pass the straps over the roof. Secure your car roof rack and tighten the buckles. Now you are ready to secure your load to your car roof. You can finally go and get that new lounge.

Keep your car roof safe with the wider and longer padding on your portable roof racks. Store up to 60kg of goods on your car. Get your spouse to help you load up your canoe then go to the lake for a paddle.

No need to worry about screwing things to your roof. Your new soft roof racks are compatible with most cars. Just keep them in your car boot. Never know when you might need them.

Got a small car but love your adventure sports? Now you can take your surfboard kayak canoe skis or snowboard along with you. Keep your car. No need to upgrade. A soft roof rack is all you need.

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