Traderight fuel Transfer Pump Extractor Electric Bowser Auto Stop 12V DC 260W


Pump diesel and kerosene with your new fuel transfer pump. Pump other liquids but check the manual first. Avoid pumping petrol or other flammable liquids.

Fill up your tractors and other farm equipment from your diesel tank. Turn on the diesel transfer pump and start filling those fuel tanks. Transfer fuel from one container to another.

Your self-priming fuel siphon pump will transfer many litres of fuel for you. Treat it well and it will treat you well. Make sure to clean out the mesh filter to keep consistent fuel transfer flow.

Attach your 12v fuel transfer pump to a 12v power source. Connect the inlet hose and put it into a container of diesel. Connect the outlet hose to the fuel gun. Start the diesel lift pump. Fill your ute or truck.

Your diesel fuel pump is safe to use. The fuel gun will stop if liquid splashes back. Fine particles are filtered out of the fuel. There is a bypass valve to stop any overheating or overloading.

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