Monvelo Spare Wheel Bag Recovery Accessory Trash Storage Bin 60L Rear Snatch BK



You go travelling. Leave it as you found it. Make that job easier by storing all your trash in your new spare wheel bag. It is waterproof and has two side pockets to store things for easy access.

Finished an outback camping trip with your children? Problem is they spent all their time in the mud. Just dump their clothes in your spare wheel rubbish bag and wash them when you get home.

Your new wheel bag will fit most vehicles (up to a 35inch tyre) with its universal attachment. Adjust and clip the straps in. Give it a tug for good luck them off you go.

The benefit of waterproof fabric is it is very easy to wash. It will get dirty. That is the point of your bin bag. Run it under the tap scrub it if you need to. It will be right as rain.

Store some tools in the side pockets that you want easy access to. Maybe store all your fire lighting in one pocket and water purifying gear in the other.

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