Levede Grill Table BBQ Camping Tables Outdoor Foldable Aluminium Portable Picnic S


Nature is fabulous but one thing it lacks is a foldable outdoor prep table. Pack your camping table in the car for your next camping adventure. Finally complete your camping furniture collection.

Put hot pans and pots directly onto your folding camping table. Steel can handle the heat. Give up cheap plastic tables and get your metal table today. Cook with confidence.

You are familiar with a folding trestle table. Fold it open and push the legs out. It ain’t rocket surgery. If it gets dirty then wipe it down with a wet cloth or use a hose for a quick clean.

Set up your bbq table underneath the trees for your 21st birthday. Put a lovely tablecloth down on your portable table. Spread out tasty treats and wait for your friends to arrive.

Take your outdoor grill table in and out of your car for many camping trips. Specially designed for long use. You can put up to 30kg on top of the table. You are covered for all your needs.

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