Levede Cooler Box Camping Table Chair Icebox Esky Outdoor Rolling Picnic Beach


Keep cold and prosper. Load up some sausages rissoles drinks and more in your chest cooler. Go down to the beach and have a bbq with your family. Swim in the water then drink some icy soft drinks.

You have loaded your ice box cooler. So heavy with all the drinks and ice. Lucky for you just wheel it under the shade. Crack open a few cold ones and relax with mates in the park.

Fold out the sides. Plug in the legs. Table done. Fold out the chairs. Sit down with your boyfriend under the trees and have a romantic picnic for two. What can’t your multipurpose esky do?

Some days there just ain’t no fish. Tomorrow is unpredictable so it may be sound advice to put away some extra fish on ice. Your icebox is the perfect place to keep any caught fish.

Load up your 28 litre blue esky. Fill the bottom with drinks and ice. Fill the tray with things you want to keep dry. Head out to your favourite camping spot. Start a campfire and cook some simple and delicious food.

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