Lambu 8X Snake Repeller Rat Mouse Trap Pest LED Solar Powered Repellent Rodent



Have you been told to stamp your feet to scare snakes away? Your snake repeller mimics the vibrations a predator may make. Nobody wants to be near a predator. Snakes sure don’t.

Your solar snake repeller provides gentle LED light at night-time. Cross your lawn in peace. Watch it cycle between seven different colours. Avoid running into your snake repeller at night.

You don’t want to remove your snake deterrent every time it rains. Your Lambu snake repeller can survive anything that isn’t a flood. Even better it only turns on intermittently so snakes don’t get used to it.

It is very easy to install your electronic snake repeller. Find some soil perhaps the middle of your lawn. Stake it into the ground. Done. Make sure it gets clear sun during the day to charge the battery.

Most venomous snakes prefer to retreat when threatened rather than attack. You will enjoy your most effective snake repellent. Perfect for all the times you will be camping and having a bbq in the summer.

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