Jumper Leads Car Jump Booster Cables 6M Long Reverse Polarity Protection



Your friend calls you up. Their car won’t start. Hop in your car and get to them fast. Use your new heavy duty jumper cables to jump start their car. Earn brownie points with your car knowledge.

Connect your red cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery and then to the positive terminal on the good battery. Connect your black cable to negative terminal on the good battery and then to the engine block in the first car.

We hope you never need to jump start your car. If you do you want booster cables right there with you. Buy some jump leads in the hope you will never need them.

Swing these jumper cables around your head. They aren’t going to break. You can run 3000amps through them. You can charge any normal car up to an engine size of 4000cc.

Jumper cables are the perfect gift to someone with a new car. In fact get some for all your friends. The more the merrier. Now everyone can help when they find someone with a dead battery.

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