Dual LED Awning Light 12V/24V Amber IP67 Waterproof Caravan Accessories 287mm


Hook your caravan up to your 4WD for a weekend adventure down the coast. Use your LED awning light to illuminate your bbq as you cook a tasty meal. A well-earned succulent Chinese meal.

Need more light inside or outside your caravan? Install your caravan awning light yourself. Stop living in the dark. Move into the light. Even better pick between warm and white lighting.

Install your awning light all by yourself. Connect it to the outside of your caravan or RV. Your light is IP67 weatherproof rated. Rain and dust won’t worry you. Do it once and do it properly.

A few screws. A few minutes. Your RV LED awning lights are installed. Don’t waste money on a professional do it yourself. Why settle for one? Get all the lights. Start a stage show for all we care.

Turn it on. Turn it off. Turn it white. Turn it amber. Your LED awning light has those essential features. Lights shouldn’t always be on and shouldn’t always be off. Really no need to thank us. It is the minimum we could do.

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