3000kgs Hand Winch 3 Speed with Webbing Strap



Pull the load without any hassle with our Hand Winch. Set it up at the back of your trailer or any place suitable and its ready to do all the heavy lifting.

It takes up less of your energy, a perfectly engineered winch with a 3-speed gear system that smoothens the operation and eases the process of pulling.

This winch comes with convenient cranking, equipped with an anti-slip groove to offer a better grip when winding and unwinding. When the work is done simply detach the crank and store it somewhere safe.

Featuring a heavy-duty webbing strap that is suitable for a max weight of up to 3000kg or 6614 lbs. In other words, it can handle the hefty stuff like it’s a piece of cake!

Our product is built with safety in mind, you can easily lock and unlock the position of the strap. The mounting holes are strategically placed at the back to make it easy for you to install.

No matter what the weather with its steel construction it can withstand harsh conditions. With our winch, rust and corrosion are a thing of the past.

Work smart, not hard. Get your hands on one today!

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